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Muslim quota

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It is dangerous game un-leashed. Why? If Muslims are backward by all means grant them backward status, but don’t carve separate category of muslim OBC quota. What will that achieve other than muslims getting to know that they have separate pie in reservation cake?

If muslims welfare and social integration is on the mind of Congress politicians they should notify communities with in muslims as backward. I guess it is already there in most of the states and in centre as well.

Whole gamut is based on the premise that Muslims are fool. They can be used as vote bank in UP and then dump as before. But it’s shortsightedness at its best.

MJ Akbar in his brilliant book tinderbox shows how Muslims went on different trajectory by following theory of separation. What we need is to bring our muslims back to main stream and development fold.

Affirmative action if necessary give it under same OBC quota. Moment you say it’s muslim OBC quota you are saying they are different. Congress, in its desperation to win muslim votes back, is playing with fire.

Solution to prosperity is right to education. Modern and scientific education free and accessible to everyone not 7th century scriptures taught as absolute truth.


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January 15, 2012 at 11:17 am

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