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Political management using technology

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When I saw BJP’s http://www.india272.com/ site I was pleasantly surprised at political party’s ability to bring in technology to try to change the political landscape in India. 

Even if the effort is not fully materialized it gave me ideas which I thought are worth sharing.

Technology as enabler not for the sake of it.

If you see http://www.india272.com/ is good looking site with some real punches with it. Will it be effective in changing outcome? I doubt it.


  • Action is on the ground not on the web

Yes, you can say you have to create ‘hawa’ online also but to sustain it for 10 months is tough task. Site or app should be used as tool rather than utility.

  • Tool without hands

What any site provides is tool. You need hands to use it. Similarly someone has to take leadership run with it. Probably create organisational hierarchy. With existing party members. And set agenda. Do follow up. Update information etc.

  • Technology for ground reality

Any technology that we apply should solve real life problems. What should be the objective of the technology employed? To mobilize voters to vote on the day of polling. Keep them informed on the way and motivate them to participate in the political activities and have them stay invested in the outcome of the poll. Does current site do it? 50-50 or less I would say.

  • Final product

So, now we know objective of the tool probably we can roughly outline what it ought to do.

  1. App and site should be as intuitive as possible as most users will not be tech savvy 
  2. Tool should work when user is offline 
  3. Tool should provide me mobile connectivity
  4. Tool should collect information till booth level
  5. Tool should have task creation, follow up, deadline, update etc
  6. Tool should have role based access
  7. Users should get feel of community ability to look for volunteers in every booth in entire country
  8. There should be leader for each booth who can set up tasks voter enrollment, meeting, events, preparing marketing material and distributing it etc. etc.
  9. Volunteers can update their tasks. Suggest new tasks.
  10. There should be physical meeting at booth level with 20 week agenda
  11. Whole purpose of the tool is to enable all volunteers to participate in the massive effort to mobilize voters. It has to happen on the ground. Tool has to enable that. i.e. Sending minutes of the meetings, Sending reminders etc.
  12. When user signs in s/he should get sense of accomplishment, sense of things moving etc. Ability to reach out at constituency, state or even national level coordinators
  13. There should be a mobile APP that allows accessing all this information
  14. Mobile APP that should download data when installed and should have auto sync when user connects to network as there may not be data network available all the time

Without these kind of features it will be just wishlist and also ran kind of site.

There is potential and it’s worth exploring.


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August 3, 2013 at 1:49 pm

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