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Why change is so tough in Indian society?

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Why change is so tough in Indian society?

Almost 2 years ago it was anti corruption agitation by Anna Hazare and his India Against Corruption. There was tremendous support for him and his movement for 6 months to a year and then it suddenly tapered off. Did corruption reduce in India? No. Did he himself become corrupt? No.

I can go as far back as 1974 till JPs movement against Indira. You can see in every incident there would be outpouring of support on one issue and then issue will die. Almost as if it never mattered.

Personally speaking I was convener of (wait let me recall… aah! Youth for equality :)). Spent lot money, time and energy to organize protests against reservation in higher education. Working with Google spent days on something that doesn’t even remotely affect me. Something sucked me in and kept me in for long enough. Almost 2-3 months. Today when bill is being discussed about reservation in promotion in government jobs which is lot worse than reservation in jobs or education I am almost un-affected. I bet that’s the state of most of my comrades who spent days on streets with me.

You take any event in last 30-40 years and you can notice same pattern. Don’t go in reasons. Observe the pattern. Why? I guess it is because we Indians are emotional in our thinking, approach and response. An emotions by nature comes in spike. When it subsides it takes away all the energy and passion you thought you had all the while. And you can see the same thing repeated again and again whether it’s the movement I participated in or any other event. Emotion by nature is not sustainable. It can’t go on forever (here).

Now let’s see how we Indians react to things as a society. You can be exception but we have to look things how are we as society. We enjoy music that appeals to our heart. Music should move us not necessarily on dance floor but surely with in. We enjoy movies that are emotional in nature. Things are changing but in country like India things don’t change in a generation. Though I still listen to Ghazals I personally don’t watch sentimental movies anymore. We are family oriented and emotionally attached people as society. Focus is more on kinship and tribal allegiances than professionalism. Sentimental excuses are employed rather than flat NOs. Relations weigh more than rightful behavior. Gods are personal and can be pleased by blatant bribe or bartering system. Elections are fought not on hard issues but mostly on emotional issues.

As a society we respond emotionally to any issue. It can be argued that emotions are required to stir up people and debate in society. But they need to be channelized for sustained actions else issue will remain relevant as long as emotions are high.

So will things change after Delhi’s gang rape? I wish it changes. I wish we get long pending Police and Judicial reforms. But that’s not even there on the table for discussion. What’s in the menu is death penalty and castration. What about solving the root cause? Speedy trial, fast convictions, and above all rule of law. Why should DGP or powerful politician’s son should get away with anything? But No. As usual we foolish people will rant and rave and demand justice and go home doing what we have been doing for 1000s of years.

If people know that they will be caught and they will not be spared they will be not try to be too brave. Some perverts will still be there. But people in Delhi and other places where every chhota mota guy who knows someone powerful thinks that he can get away with anything even with murder by paying his way out. That is the problem that must be attacked severely. How? Not by tougher laws or bringing some super cop. But by making sure that system works. By making Police and Judiciary more efficient, accountable and answerable. Until then horror will continue.


Written by goodapostate

December 19, 2012 at 7:33 pm