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Politics of satyagraha, double cross, and blunders

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Baba went on fast claiming it to be a satyagraha. Satyagraha or tapasya as he put it of 14 hours a day fast. Baba and government reached 99% agreement before he sat at ram lila maidan. So what was the need to sit on satyagraha? Why government kept mum till 4th evening that they have reached agreement with Baba. What about BJP and RSS? Did they found massiah in Baba?

Well it’s story of double cross by government, baba and sangh.

Governemnt: In retrospect government was never serious about joint lokpalbill drafting committee (LDC) exercise. Agreement was more to contain the fallout of protest than any seriousness on their part to bring tough anti corruption law. Government wanted to fold up the drama of lokpalbill drafting committee. First they tried to discredit Anna and his associates with corruption charges. When that didn’t work and found themselves in difficult situation. They found the instrument in BABA to undermine the credibility of ANNA and his associates. Strike deal with baba, show him bigger than he really is and do hell with anna.

BABA: Baba may not want to be a king but he looks like a person who will enjoy being a king maker. He declared his aspiration to be in political arena by announcing that he would start his political party. Anyways, when government agreed to LDC, case can be made that he wanted to be accommodated on the LDC. When he raised the issue of nepotism of 2 Bhushans on LDC eyebrows should have been raised. Looks like in his own scheme of things he struck deal with Sanghis who were desperately looking for platform to gain credibility. Nationalist, Saffron clad baba was perfect for them. I don’t know what government offered to baba, but BABA apparently fell for it (after seeing the letter that Sibal released on 4th evening).

Sangh/BJP: They needed much required credibility to re-occupy oppoisition’s space they gladly conceded to Anna and others. They also needed shoulder from where they could fire as they couldn’t strike chord with masses on the issue of corruption. BABA was perfect instrument. It was win-win for Sangh/BJP with baba compared to apolitical Anna. If baba succeeds BJP can claim credit if BABA fails BJP can make him martyr as they are doing rightnow.

So what went wrong? Well congress hoped Baba will enjoy his day of limelight and call it off  in the evening as agreed. But, BABA didn’t play by the script and wanted to enjoy to media attention may be for couple of more days. Government got pissed and released the letter. Which in turn made BABA lose his cool and announce that he will continue fast. Government lost nerves or in order to prove its virility attacked.

It was politics and what is happening is also politics. But by attacking BABA at 1am in the night government is at serious disadvantage.


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June 6, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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