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Owaisi and freedom of speech

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Every time any loud mouth opens his mouth in India, almost in an orchestrated fashion demands come to either ban or arrest an individual. And we have enough loud mouths to keep media busy every day.

This kind of reaction to ban/arrest is nothing but suicidal if you are liberal and believe in freedom of speech. Moment you start demanding restriction on free speech time may come as in Pakistan where Taliban is stopping girl students like Malala to raise their voice in favor of education for girl child. You may say it’s an extreme case and almost barbaric. But that’s the point. They are not on another planet. Only 300kms from Delhi. Just happens to be another country that was part of India 65 years ago. We also have cases of girls booked for Facebook posts

Owaisi and his Islamist rhetoric, demonizing Ram, Kaushalya and other Hindu Gods, going to Pakistan with Taj Mahal and leaving Ajanta for us Indians, or killing 100cr hindus, was the kind of things that Islamists talk in private anyway (Hear few of the Friday sermons and you will be really see the problem. But that’s for another blog.). And are people agitated and on the roads protesting? Let’s be honest. People might be genuinely hurt. But is it reason enough to punish Owaisi? (On different note no disturbances by Hindus even though no action was taken for 10 days. That’s normal reaction for civilized people. Shrug off and move on. Remarkable isn’t it?).

I am not for punishing anyone for speaking his mind. Unless there is direct provocation to violence there is no case. And that’s not free speech either. Case may be made of provocation to riots for saying “25cr Muslims will kill 100cr Hindus in 15 minutes if Police will look other way”. Making case of hurting religious sentiments is non-sense. Every time atheist like me speaks against God some believer is hurt! Insulting Gods and Godesses? As Hindus have proved their belief is stronger than trash criticism of Islamist like Owaisi. So don’t play in the hands of ultra secular media. What we want is open discussion on speeches like this. Let the trash come on surface and dis-appear. No need to punish someone for declaring himself to be an Islamist, Ignorant of history and idiotic in thinking that Taj Mahal can be carried to Pakistan. Punishments for speaking your mind is too Islamic and/or intolerant thinking.


Written by goodapostate

January 13, 2013 at 7:40 pm