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Election 2014

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It’s the most important general election for the nation as they say. Everyone feels that they have influence and they can change the outcome of the event. This sentiment is on display every night on news channels. Quite ambitious and egoistic sentiment. Media has very little influence at least in influencing the outcome of election. What they might have is influence in fixing deals just as radia tapes revealed. In this event they are mostly spectators just as everyone else. I would say, it has influence in urban centers of India that too only in Metropolitan centers particularly on apolitical crowd. Why? One, if apolitical they don’t have much context and history. Second, they are mostly naive at least in this matter. As we can see people who would have never voted are now out in full force trying to change the system. Everyone wants to change the system. Everyone wants to have their version of India. But who gives fuck? The guy on the road has very little time for this intellectualisation of simple issues that affect his daily life. Now that’s where media has got it all wrong. Your ideology is not that people are interested in. Neither in your opinion or intellectualisation. We want to see (or if time and mood permits read) little bit of reportage, if you oblige.


Anyways, now if this is the most important general election country has ever had whom should I vote for?  And what should be my priorities?  Let’s see. Who can improve macro economic trend and get the fiscal deficit in control? Who can rein in inflation and increase the export? Who can get more FDI in infrastructure and create jobs in manufacturing sectors? Who has better monitory policy to reduce current account deficit?  Who can create better relations among states and federal government? Who is better placed to navigate the emerging geo-political situation in south asia? and who is better placed to find India’s place in 21st century? Now that’s how you complicate the discussion you see. I like street side discussion better.


Ah! Whoever serves my selfish interest should get my vote! Isn’t it that simple. My Grandmother told me once that she would vote for Rajiv Gandhi because he increased pension for railway employees. So on same line I would vote for those who will make personal income tax 0%. But that’s not going to happen. Well as I see I need very little of Government. And whatever I need it for is actually at municipal level not at national level. But what about inflation and low growth? Yes, that affects me. Bombs going on and off as it was the case in 2008. Yes, that scares me somewhat. What else is there that affects me directly? Good highways, probably better air connectivity, bullet trains, private trains, better transport in the city (That’s again municipal issue) Electricity! 24 hours is what I want. Water. Potable water! It’s shame we as a country are incapable of providing safe drinking water. Nice, what else? I don’t have kids but education! Better trained engineers will help me hire easily :). What else do I want from my central government? Can I renew my passport in a day? If I already have passport why does it take a month or year to renew it? Better tourist places? All the places that I have visited and I have visited quite a lot and most of them are filled with garbage. They are dirty, filthy and littered with plastic. What else? Better shopping experience may be. Why not let more foreign brands come! Cheaper gadgets. Why TV is twice as costly compared with say Dubai?  So that’s about it. As the song goes… chhoti si asha.


So, who can give all these? Well Congress has certainly failed in last 3-4 years. They lost their way since 2G scam exploded on their face. And if we vote for them again it would be encouraging non-performance as we fire non-performing employee we must let this government go. Besides, they are anti-middle class. They threw good money after bad money. Had very little focus on middle class. If you see all their flagship programs all of them were directed on non-middle class (mis-directed because none gave any tangible outcome). Except JNNURM. So whom should I vote for? Modi! Both the detractors and lovers of the man who has made the election as referendum on his work on Gujarat. While media is hell bent upon making it a referendum on him. But that may or may not materlise is a different matter. He is asking for vote based on his performance in Gujarat in last 10 years. He deserves a chance! All he has talked about is development and growth. In fact he Everything else is just noise. And probably people have made up their mind. But I needed to put it on paper to clear my thoughts. Yes, I don’t agree with BJP’s stand on Multi brand retail and article 377 on gay sex! But that’s not a deal breaker. Let’s get Modi. I too think I can influence the outcome 🙂

But I am not voting! Can we get postal ballot?



Written by goodapostate

April 9, 2014 at 5:37 pm

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  1. Yes, Rightly said; aspirations unlimited! Promises uncountable!

    I see so many articles out there, claiming development figures in Gujarat were not so great, as claimed by BJP/Modi. If we start evaluating them, we ll end up fighting on figures. I ll keep my funda simple. See the election results in Gujarat.

    BJP 50% INC: 40%
    source: http://eci.nic.in/eci_main/statisticalreports/SE_2002/StatReport_GUJ2002.pdf

    BJP: 49% INC: 39%
    source: EC’s report: http://goo.gl/pKGSLd

    BJP: 48% INC: 39%
    source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gujarat_legislative_assembly_election,_2012

    Even if we leave out 2002 elections, which would have been influenced by communal violence, the other two elections clearly say something. People of Gujarat continue to trust Modi. In BJP’s words, continue to believe that Modi/BJP is the right choice for them. Then BJP need not convince people, nor INC need to hang on with development figures, HR Development indexes, GDP etc; Let’s keep it simple.

    BTW, Don’t miscount this BJP’s vote percentage of 49%, as loyal supporters of BJP. I would rather say, leaving out 10% for others, the unperturbed vote bank of BJP & congress would be 30% each. And the rest 30% sways. 20% think of BJP(30% + 20% = 50%) and 10% about INC (30% + 10% = 40%).

    And Gujaratis are not fools, to keep electing same person/party if it is not delivering. If they are, so is the rest of India. So, no need to see it as a special case. I think Modi deserves a chance. At least we are not vesting the country’s future in the hands of someone who has not even served as a minister of state. If Modi fails, let him fail. People will not elect him again. In a more all-pleasing manner to all the pessimists and cynics/critics, I would say, Modi is the best of the worst!

    I am not making a math here, but I m trying to simplify the things here with EC figures, which are more easily available, reliable, and are direct metrics of what people think of their representatives.



    April 10, 2014 at 4:18 am

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