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Is it RSS or Modi that is leading BJP charge?

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In last one week events transpired gives some indication of current state of affairs with in BJP and parivar.

For example, Supreme Court set aside order of Delhi high court and made 377 valid and in turn re-criminalized homosexuality. AAP, Left, Congress came out against SC verdict almost immediately while BJP took its time to give its official response. In the end response was homophobic, regressive and utterly medieval. Modi didn’t utter a word on it. Rajnath Singh, made the announcement and on the same day Ram madhav of RSS endorsed his stand. Anybody can guess what might have transpired behind the scene.

In case of Lokpal as well, Mr. Modi’s apparent absent from the scene is clearly visible. Modi didn’t make any intervention.

These are very early days to evaluate Mr.Modi’s style of leadership at central level. But two incidents gives some indication of current scheme of things in the BJP. Though Mr.Modi clearly represents right of the center policy, which is exact opposite of dole politics of the Congress, RSS has enough Swadeshi supporters to shame even Marxists for their left leaning, socialist ideology.

Youngsters who are pinning hopes on Modi might be in for many surprises if Mr. Modi let the RSS dictate the terms of his government, should he come to power. At the moment Modi might be consolidating his position with in the party, and he may be saving his ammunition to fight bigger battles later on. But Modi should take some clues from Indira Gandhi’s battle with in Congress in 69. Because BJP is carrying lot of dead weight on its shoulder right now.

It’s true that AAP might not have big impact on Loksabha election of 2014 but it is certainly changing the way urban India looks at politics in near future. In the new scheme of things to dismiss AAP phenomena as delhi specific event will be a mistake. BJP is equally unprepared as congress to tackle AAP. At the moment BJP is hoping that it will get anti-congress votes by putting Mr.Modi’s face.

While Modi talks of privatisation of railways, BJP in the past has hesitated to spell its economic policy clearly i.e. It opposed FDI in multi-brand retail. It is going to interesting internal battle for Modi to win.


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December 18, 2013 at 10:20 am

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