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Battle of succession

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King’s days are numbered. He is more of a regent than a king. No authority just elderly respect left for him. Succession war has begun in the capital. Decks will be cleared soon. It has to. 2014 is approaching. Those who are fighting for succession are aristocrats. They have nothing to claim as theirs. They have not served people nor have they fought any battle. People don’t identify with them. Even in so much of chaos and corruption they failed to strike chord with the masses.

There will be blood before realization sink in. There always is in succession when there is no clear claimant. In all the chaos there will emerge a knight. General will move from the western side and claim the position which is his to take anyway. Not that he will usurp it but people will want him. As he has worked hard for it in last 10 years. Propaganda, lies, some work. But image has been cultivated deliberately. Tough, non corrupt, progressive, nationalist and hard working. Some myth some real. Image nonetheless. People who have nothing to do with it also believes in it. One who can rally the troops, sound war cry. Troops have not tasted victory lately and are desperate for it. Soldiers would want him even opponents would want him. One worthy to fight with. He repels many more than he attracts but people are hungry for success. Not that he can guarantee it. But if there is a hope it is with him.

Die is cast and internal battle has begun before the external can be fought. Mud will be thrown and snipers will be hired. War will be fought before peace is brought. Color will become red before it turns saffron. Things will not be same again for BJP.


Written by goodapostate

May 28, 2011 at 12:39 pm

Posted in BJP

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